Monday, December 20, 2010


Typical moment at our house-
  1. Carolyn took my camera.. again. (blurry pic)
  2. Katie's only wearing underwear.  Playing with her baby pink monkey.
  3. Her hair isn't combed.  Carolyn's hair likely isn't either.
  4. Benji's climing ... on the bed frame.
  5. John likely just jumped onto the bed  OR is getting ready to bury under the covers...again.  (a reason I don't always make our bed in the am)
  6. I'm pretty sure it's bedtime.  And none of them are getting ready for bed.. because their jumping on it!


Neisha said...

i don't make our bed either but that's because I'm too lazy to :)

this picture made me think of "4 little monkeys jumping on the bed"

Darcie said...

Typical is wonderful, huh?

Helen said...

Love it! I don't make my bed either :p The other day a friend was commenting on how she couldn't get her kids to remember to make theirs and I was thinking....ahh oops...if that is a parenting necessity I'm failing!! Right now we have a whole lot of extra bedding and pillows in our room since the basement is a huge dust pile of remodeling and it is making it just so extra tempting to jump on the bed.

Gary said...

Let's see... where did you sit yesterday... near the front?... no, we were there... near the back?... maybe, but I never saw a tall cowboy... hmmm... maybe wasn't there? :) O wait, Pat did say you are down south... OK. 'Course Perry did talk about'cha! JK! Seriously, shoulda been there, VERY good mtgs.

Kat said...

This could be my boys' bedroom just about any night when they are getting ready for bed. Glad to know it isn't just me. I was thinking about how bedtime used to be so calm and peaceful when the girls were those ages and wondering what happened. I arrived on the answer... Pa took over the bedtime routine AND we added three boys. A recipe for loud and chaotic and oddly enough naked. What IS that about, anyway????


gkey said...

dear in Real Life,

I love it! They won't stay this way...for long. It doesn't get quieter, or easier, or neater, just BIGGER and believe it or not, even DEARER as time goes on.

The mom of 6 (four loud messy dear ones still at home)

All American Family said...

ohhh...I just love this - real life in all it's beauty! ;)