Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2 cute girls + park = lots of pictures

These are more pictures from Saturday's Anniversary Party.....

Aunt Jessica & Carolyn

Katie and Grandpa Ray

Katie bug swingin' - She was SO proud to show G'pa, G'ma & Aunt J that she can 'pump' all on her own! (I have approx 25 pics of the 2 girls swinging, so I narrowed it down to just a few)
Carolyn Rose
Katie & G'pa...again!
Two peas in a pod
"Whoa- that slide poked me" aka-static electricity :)

Yesterday I put a picture of all the great-granddaughters..but lil Natalia wasn't in there. So..NOW the picture is complete. ALL the great-grand daughters are accounted for.
*Hailey, Carolyn, Taylor, Megan, Natalia, Britney, Madi, Karena, Kylie, Katie*

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Darcie said...

What an awesome Grandpa to go and swing with his grandbaby. Kids get so excited when they learn to "pump" dont they?