Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The long, long drive there

As ya'll have figured out we, meaning my husband, myself and our youngest, John, left last Monday for Nashville. (It was a business/pleasure trip). Last minute it was decided that me and Tubby would join him. My dear sis-in-law was 'nominated' to keep the girls, G'pa would keep Benji, along with Jacob (to less Aunt Heather's load). Saturday, G'pa & G'ma had ALL of our kids, so I got to ride along with Benjamin in the semi. ALL.DAY. (Which was great, but also meaning I wasn't home at all on Saturday). So Sunday afternoon I was hopping to get laundry done, so I could pack some clothes (for us AND for the kids). We made it.

Bright and early Monday morning we headed south. I was very leery of leaving the other 3 kids behind. I don't think I've been gone for more than 2, maybe 3 nights from them. I KNEW they were in good hands, so I didn't worry about that, ever. Not even ONCE. (But missing them is another story) I was also leery of tagging an almost 20 mos old, VERY active boy. We had a good 13 hour drive ahead of us, maybe longer depending on how many stops we made.

It.rained.almost.the.entire.trip.down.there. (Windy too)
The road never ends...

A welcomed sight: Everything was green and blooming! Little chubby feet
We finally made it thru the loooong state of Illinois!
We found the sun somewhere in Kentucky too.
Ya know y'all in the south when you see this sign before every.single.bridge. (I'm not kidding) To us-this is just basic common sense. (But then again we live in a state where winter last over 3/4 of the year)Helping Daddy watch the road.. Comfy sitting position..
Running off steam with Daddy

Next up: pictures while we were there


Elissa & Logan said...

aww what a fun, spur of the moment trip. i like those :)

Darcie said...

Looks like the litte guy did great with the long drive. Had to laugh at the bridge signs...we thought the same thing when we lived down south for 5 years.

Neisha said...

I'm not a fan of road trips. Can't stand to sit that long. The 3 hours to my mom and dad's is bad enough!

mom 2 4J's said...

Lol about the bridge sign. We lived south of Nashville about 2 hrs. If there was even the smallest chance it might snow they would close schools:)James Riley thought we should have a snowday then too:)