Friday, October 16, 2009


Carolyn found this 'poor' baby bunny at Meri's bday party. It was 'starving'. Lucky for it, there was a bottle of milk nearby, which she lovingly fed it!
my lil mother hen! And this boy is ALWAYS hungry. "Mom! I'm starving!" I pulled a container of squash out of the fridge. He insisted on eating it. I insisted that it was cold and would likely taste better once it was ready for supper. He insisted again. So I gladly gave him a cold bowl of squash. Which he devoured and asked for more! (no one can accuse him of being a picky eater!) **remember that secret I was trying to keep? didn't happen. This morning I awoke with a cranky, still not quite 'up to par' feeling boy. All I had to do was say, "guess whose coming to our house?" Like the flip of a switch, he was all smiles and jumping around. They won't be 'surprised' when they pull in. But I know they'll still be happy, jumping around, smiling from ear to ear when they see them pull up! Hurry up and drive safe!!

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Neisha said...

I wish Kylie was into baby dolls - I'd buy everything out there for dolls for her but nope, she'd rather dress up and play with her stuffed animals. oh well. it's still cute :)