Sunday, October 18, 2009

too cute to post just one

Not too long ago, we had just (John), Katie, and Meri (my niece). These two girls are just 5 months apart. Live just across the woods from each other. And are becoming the best of friends! Oh.. and they both are just too cute! (now if you add their cousin Larissa- 4 mos older than Katie- you get a trio of fun!) :)

And then John... just climbs over the side of the couch, plops down, pushes Meri over squeezes into the picture for a 'split' second before running off to get into more mischief!
I have a strong feeling Meri is thinking, "I really hope I get a sister.. these brother's are something else!"


Gary said...

Cuties....almost as cute as MY grand kids! ;)

Heather S said...

Gary- *groan.. not this again* :)

We have to related somehow.. or how else could we BOTH have the cutest kids/grandkids!?!? :)

Heather said...

So cute =) Thanks for sharing !!

The Beecham's said...


Neisha said...

cuties for sure

Heather~ just say that dad has the cutest grandkids and you have the cutest kids

Elissa & Logan said...

awww. every girl NEEDS a best friend :) so sweet!!