Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thrift Sale or Consignment Shop

  • Have you ever come across a box of clothes that no longer fits your child?
  • With the girls it works quite nice. When Carolyn out grows it, I simply move them into Katie's dresser. Sometimes they can even share clothes.
  • With the boys, it doesn't work quite as nice. I found a nice big box of clothes that John COULD have worn this summer. And I found this box today! One size too small. One season too late. :0
  • Therefore, I have no choice- but to completely re-organize all the clothes in storage. (ok. I really do have a choice...)
  • I am buying CLEAR Rubbermaid containers.
  • Clear because...with all the moving we did last year, I found out that some containers are labeled 'kitchen' or 'bathroom'. When actually they REALLY should have said: 'Boy-18 mos'. (if they were CLEAR.. I would have seen this)
  • I'm debating on if I should have a thrift sale this spring. OR if I should just drag my boxes/bags to the consignment shop.
  • I personally despise thrift sales. Mostly because we don't have a garage.. or a decent place to have one HERE. So we have to rent a building in town. $$$. Not to mention my time and effort. (Which is priceless.) Drag everything there. Set up. Sit all day. Take down. Then take all the leftovers to the consignment shop. Even after all my expen$e$, I usually come out ahead and then some. But i$ the extra $ really worth all that trouble?
  • If I take them to the store right away I save all those extra steps! I get a coupon to save $$$ on my next shopping expedition. Not to mention, I get the mess outta my way.. pronto.
  • I do have a considerable amount of clothes. And don't get me started on excessive toys.
  • I probably shouldn't post this on my blog, because someone my MIL and SIL's.. will take this thrift sales talk and run with it :)
  • But, I'm afraid my mind is made up. The next time I run to the big town.. I'll have a few boxes in the back of the van. Unless anyone out there in blog land is looking for clothes. I also realized too late, that I typed this post on the wrong blog. Opps-a-daisy! I'll get pictures of the kids up shortly. Once I'm done digging thru the boxes in the basement. Alright.. I'll get pictures up LOONG before I'm done with my work downstairs.


Neisha said...

taking them to the store is a lot easier. i had a garage sale a couple of years ago. it's a lot of work. plus by doing a consignment store, you'll still be getting some $ for them :)

Melissa said...

Garage sales are a lot of work, and unless you have enough (typically more than one or even two families, too) it's a lot of work that sometimes isn't worth it. I pass the girls' clothes onto my nieces and Tyler's clothes onto a good friend of mine. Problem solved :o) Yeah, I could get money for them, but I figure they've already served their purpose and it's far more rewarding for me to see my cute nieces wearing them!

Heather said...

I know just what you mean. So frustrating. We had a "missing" box of clothes that would have worked for Jake this summer. I know I need to do the same thing with the totes and just get organized. You'll be my inspiration =)

Darcie said...

I have done the same thing with our boys. They are 2 years apart, but built so differently...I forget to look downstairs, and go through the container of Kalebs old clothes. Thanks for the reminder...we were going to get Kobe some clothes this weekend...but I am checking the basement first.

Mikki said...

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! What an adorable family you have here!!

You have quiet a few blogs. I was checking them out and deciding which one to follow.. still can't make up my mind.. or maybe all. LOL

Have a great weekend!

ShareandRemember said...

I have a lot to get rid of too. Some really nice things I hate to just donate. And I would like to get something for them. I posted a couple nice, like new jackets on Craigslist & didn't get any response. Maybe I should check out our consignment stores, not sure yet.