Monday, October 12, 2009

Time for a change

SO....I'm thinking of going to change our blog address. (Not the "title-Life with 2 cowboys and 2 ponytails", but the address. you know the 'www*****com' address.)

I've learned you don't lose your previous posts (like I tho't you would).

Of course it'll mean you'll have to change our address in your blog roll. (I know.. how dare I make you go thru ALL that work. JUST for me!)

I don't know what the new address will be (I have a few ideas).
Nor do I know when the change will take place- sometime this week.

If you are with me on Facebook- I'll announce it on there.

Or watch my Moments as a Mom blog. Somehow.. you'll figure it out!


Neisha said...

is there a difference is the address? Is one better than the other?

Melissa said...

I'll be waiting to hear!

Darcie said...

I will be waiting...and ready to follow the new address.

Heather S said...

@ Neisha- I'm changing the actual address you type in.
The 'blog title' is whatever you call your blog. I want our blog address to be less specific..meaning.. it doesn't include our last name :)