Monday, December 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home

*Another impromptu trip with Daddy to TN. This time it was John and Benji. (Carolyn and Katie spent their time between Emily's and Gma's house) We left early last Tuesday AM.
*Because of a winter storm warning.. we decided to drive straight thru yesterday. We left TN around 10:00... and arrived home last night around 12:00.
*(this morning we woke up to only a few scattered flurries on the ground.. who knows what it really did in the southern part) Yet, we are happy to be home..snow or no snow. yet.
*This morning, the boys are more than ready to go.. and Mom is wishing it was nap time. Yet I can hardly wait to get the girls back.. and start on unpacking!
*Of course I have pictures to share... but another time!


Jen said...

So what is the purpose of all of these trips to TN, anyway? Are you guys thinking of moving there? Is Ben trying to make it big in the music industry? Is it related to logging work?

Just curious! I'm a little jealous of all of these trips you're going on! :) I wish I could afford to tag along! (I'm sure you're GLAD that I can't! ha!) :)

Neisha said...

I figured you guys were gone, you were quiet all week. :)
what exactly is Ben doing down in tennesse?

Heather said...

Welcome back!! The kids had a lot of fun together =)

Melissa said...

Welcome home! It's nice to get away, but it's oh so nice to be home!

Anonymous said...

Dear Happy To Be Home Heather,
Good to hear everything is well with you. I'm just like that, I'm happy to go and happy to be home. I am glad when my kids leave but I'm always more than ready for them to be home again.
At Home in Nebraska