Sunday, December 13, 2009


If you've been reading our blog lately.. you would have realized I'm doing a post of pictures for each of our 4 kids (John's will obviously follow Katie-bug's)

After countless number of times trying to get pictures of the kids.. together and individually.. I realized, the harder I try to get the perfect shot.. well... I don't get what I'm 'aiming' for! So I figured I'd shoot candid shots. Catch the kids in 'whatever' moment.. and hope for the best. Realizing that the picture may not be 'perfect'... mis-matched clothes.. wild hair.. not-so-perfect backgrounds.. but hoping for that million dollar smile my kids flash me when I'm NOT holding my camera!
Here's 'living-in-the-moment' with Katie-bug. (She now prefers to be called Katie-bug.. not Kathryn.. or Katie.. it's Katie-bug)
oh my.. this is gonna be good...

Next kid please!!!

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Neisha said...

lost of expressions. :)