Thursday, December 10, 2009

Walking in a (deep) winter wonderland!

We woke up to a deep winter wonderland the other day. The kids could hardly get ready fast enough! The snow was SO deep, poor John couldn't even walk in it. Katie had an equally hard time, but she remembers playing in the snow last year.. so she wasn't easily deterred. Carolyn and Benji braved the deepest snow to blaze trails all over the yard. Benji would have stayed out all day IF I would have let him. (I only got pictures of Benji playing outside. When I was outside with the other 3 I didn't bring my camera.. I was too busy trying to keep John above the snow) Have you ever carried a chunky 2 year old in knee deep snow? It's good exercise :)
Anyone wanna grill steaks tonight?
He has wanted so long for snow... and he finally got his wish. All 1-1/2 feet of it.. or how ever much we ended up getting.
Happy lil snow angel

Katie bug
John, Carolyn and Katie watching Boppa plow our driveway.
One tired boy.
Sweet dreams.

Ready or not.. Winter has begun!


Neisha said...

cute. my kids were excited for snow too

Melissa said...

Aww, what adorable pictures! And MAN, that is a LOT of snow!

Heather said...

I'd say it was a "good" first snowstorm--well, at least from the kid's point of view =) Ours couldn't get enough of the snow either !

Darcie said...

Winter brings out the kid in all of us, huh? Glad your kids LOVED every moment of it. Hopefully you didn't get the cold today that came along with our snow.