Sunday, November 22, 2009

big buck

Daddy, Benji and Jacob with the mighty 10 pointer The girls checking 'him' out.
Showing Daddy just how fast he is! "Oh! WOW!"
Jacob and Carolyn shooting at deer. ahem. From the back of the pick up. :) Heather, Jacob, Emily and Meri spent opening morning day with us. Part of our fun included making lil pizza's and homeade playdough. 1 day down. 8 more to go! We'll have LOTS of fun pics to post of our week!


Heather said...

Good pictures! We had a lot of fun yesterday and I'm sure there's lots more ahead =)

Neisha said...

love the boys and their guns :)

Gramm and Gramp said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. I am glad you girls are having fun too.
tell Benjamin, nice Buck, good shooting!! Now meat on the table.