Sunday, November 1, 2009

pumpkins. parties. daylight savings

We were lucky to have Perry and Darren at our house for the weekend. Since Saturday was Halloween... we carved pumpkins! The kids had a blast.. so did the big kids Perry and Darren! And I apologize for not having pictures of the finished pumpkins.

Benji used a spoon to get the 'guts' out. Carolyn and Katie.... just dug in up to their elbows.
Benji and Carolyn carved cut up one pumpkin all by themselves (into tiny pieces)
Katie + baby tiger + baby pumpkins
Spitting blowing out the candles on Jacob and Uncle Joe's birthday cakes. All 9 cousins.
And one more thing. This new daylight savings thing. We're not liking it. 6:00 is the new 7:00.. if we're lucky enough to sleep in.


kaymarvt said...

Aww thanks! I love the ring too and we're both sooo excited! And lucky you for having so many kids over to carve pumpkins! I would have probably freaked! haha! Thanks again! :)

Gramm and Gramp said...

Joe sitting so carefully amongst so many little ones. :)
love all that you share.

Darcie said...

Pumpkin carving is so much fun, especially when you can get the BIG kids to join in.