Tuesday, November 3, 2009

catching up

The end of October, Daddy had some work to do in TN. So John, Carolyn and myself tagged along. Benji and Katie were given the choice to come with us OR stay with Boppa and Gma. Boppa and Gma won! Although we missed them, it was nice having just two and spending time with them.
The 2 kids did GREAT on the trip. About a 1/2 hour after we left, Carolyn asked if we were in TN yet! What normally takes about 13-14 hours, took us 1-1/2 days. We stopped a little over half-way (there and back) to break up the drive. Made a few potty-breaks and a 'let-loose' way-side stop. We left WI, the cold weather and snow and drove into sunshine, warm (60's) weather and beautiful fall colors.

We rented a 'cabin' at a state park about a hour south of Nashville. It's in a perfect setting. Out in the country, quiet (even on the weekends). Of course having perfect fall weather and gorgeous fall colors we lived outdoors. We had a 'rustic' cabin. Which included: 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen/dining (with all the essentials), fireplace/air. The 'deluxe' cabins, I believe have the same except 2 bathrooms, along with gas fireplace/central air.

On one of our many walks, the kids, much to my surprise delight cooperated for some photos.

John is into the * CHEESE * stage when it comes to taking pictures.We got home on a Thursday afternoon, to find a message that we had special company coming the next afternoon. I was impressed. Within 24 hours, I had unpacked, did laundry, prepared the guestrooms, grocery shopped/prepared meals, cleaned (or attempted to pick up with 4 little kids running behind me) Either way.. clean house or not.. we enjoyed our guests.

For more pictures.. go here!

My looooong to-do list has been collecting dust on the fridge for quite some time. With Benji's party coming up, plus the possiblity of having Turkey day for a bunch the size of a small army. I decided enough is enough. So today I switched the kids bedrooms. Boys into girls room. Girls into boys room. The crib (which turns into a toddler bed) was previously in the girls room and needs to be completely taken down to move. It may have been easier to take down the crib and re-set it up. But I didn't. It didn't take as long as I figured, and I'm happy. Both rooms are CLEAN. ORGANIZED. And the kids are thrilled with their 'new' rooms. So maybe they'll sleep in tomorrow! :) Then I can keep crossing items off my list. (another item on my to-do list...quit wasting so much time on the computer)


Gary said...

Nice pics of the cute kids.

Neisha said...

cute pictures.

The Beecham's said...

Thanks for sharing the picutres!

Heather said...

Way to go on the list ;-) Hope the kids like their "new" rooms!!

Darcie said...

Sounds like you have been busy!!!

You did great with your pictures of the kids. Can't help but love that nice fall weather in Nashville.

Anonymous said...

We are spending our Thanksgiving at a cabin in CO - loks like you enjoyed yours! Cute kids pix!

All American Family said...

wow - looks like so much fun! Time "away" is so wonderful - that's what I hear anyway! ;)

mom 2 4J's said...

Glad you found nice weather in TN:) We lived about 2hrs from Nashville toward Memphis. I loved the weather::) 1 month of winter if you can call it that.