Saturday, November 28, 2009

deer hunting..

Instead of posting ALL our pictures from the week of hunting, I'm cheating and posting some of them this way.
Technically the season isn't over. Tomorrow is the last day of the 9-day gun hunt. But there's muzzle loader and a late T-zone hunt sometime soon after. I can't even give you a 'guesstimate' on how many deer the hunting crew (of 10) has taken this week. I do know we have 2 bucks (plus the mule deer) waiting at the taxidermist. I do know that the crew of 10 has taken enough deer to keep them busy, late into the night, skinning deer and cutting meat, EACH night. (We process all our meat ourselves, or rather the hunters have). We should have some venison to say the least.
In my eyes, this week has gone by fast. We didn't do anything crazy and out of the ordinary. But we had fun. Sometimes its the little things that create the best moments anyways. Some memorable moments of the week include...
* Making mini pizza's opening morning
* Playing with homemade playdough
*Meri and Carolyn crashing into each other.. resulting in a black eye for Carolyn.
* Going to Aunt Tanya's to decorate sugar cookies with 9 kids.. and then I forgot to bring the cookies over! :(
* Sleeping over at our cousin's house.
* Having our cousins's sleep over at our house.
* Going to the Xmas parade in our lil town.
* Eating too much sugar/junk food.
* Acting goofy
* "hunting" in the house.
* Having fun.

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Heather said...

It sure has been a fun week! Lots of good "hunting" memories =) The kids are going to be bummed the season's almost over!

Neisha said...

cute kids. love their imagination!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather, Keeper of Hunkofvenisonville,
Mr. Loggerhead didn't go deerhunting this year as we were planning vacation in CO instead. He's bummed but surviving.
Married to a Venison-less Hunk of a Husband in Nebraska