Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

We spent our 4th of July at Boppa and Gma's house. There was plenty of food, fun, family and fireworks (which I didn't get any pictures of). Along with pesky bugs!

We also celebrated Boppa & Gma's belated 33 anniversary.
A familiar sight-- Katie by Boppa's side as usual. John is begging G'ma to pick him up.. only to get at the cake!!Yummy 4th of July cupcakes!
Benjamin playing guitar with his Uncle Joe.
Fire-bug Jacob..keeping the fire going
Carolyn's pic of the campfire...
have I mentioned I love digital cameras..so I can erase the 100's of pic my kids try to take? :)


Neisha said...

I just found a bunch of pictures on my camera of kylie and her barbie. thought maybe nolan had taken them until i saw her stretched out arm in one of them

Darcie said...

What a sweet picture of your little one wanting "UP"...he loves his Grandma!