Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Katie. Kitty's. Kraziness.

(Yes! She stuffed her dress with tissue paper - all by herself).
"Look Mom! I've got milkers!"
Driving us crazy to Boppa's house Don't fret- we are on the driveway!
Hiding with a kitty
Typical Katie :)
2 peas in a pod - Emily and Carolyn


Neisha said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! So that's what they are. :)

Melissa said...

oh how funny, Katie bug! Milkers...that's one for the books!

Darcie said...

Milkers...that is a new one..and a funny one!!! ;o)

The Papendorfs said...

so cute, love the dresses too!

j said...

Milkers - that is classic! Love the photos of her with the kitty. They BOTH look huggable!

Anonymous said...

And you don't even milk cows! Kids ya gotta love them.