Friday, July 10, 2009

More bday celebration!

I was lucky this year and had 2 birthday parties (yes, I know, I'm very spoiled loved) One back home with my family, then another with my in-laws at Joe and Heather's house.

All I can say is.. this is Tubby.. Welcome to my world :)He thrives on attention. Give him a minute of your time, he'll give you a show!

The kids were SO eager to rip open my presents. I was thrilled with my gifts, but the kids weren't too impressed. Especially my ice cream maker that didn't have any ice cream in it!

So now I'm 29 yrs old. Not that I feel any different than I did when I was 28. But it's just one more year closer to that big 3-0! Then I'll almost as old as my sister-in-laws. Well, not THAT old, but at least we'll all be in our 30's!


The Beecham's said...

Watch it girl-friend.... Your day is coming....Yeee!!!!!!11

Lindsay said...

fun! happy birthday... that photo of tubby with his fingers in his nose reminds me of the one we have of cole with crayons jammed up his nostrils. boys... sigh. looks like you had fun, anyway :)

Darcie said...

How fun to have two b-day parties...I wonder how many parties you will get for your big 30? :O)


Happy Birthday!!! I bet you will have 3 parties next year then lol. The kids are precious.