Monday, July 6, 2009

The wait is ALMOST over! **Updated**

At 11:30 this morning, you may feel a whoosh of air.
Don't worry. It's just our family letting out a HUGE sigh of relief. Because Wyatt's adoption will completely, 100% finalized! To say it's been a long, hard, frustrating, emotional 1 year and 10 mos is a huge understatement.
For those not familiar- This adorable little boy, Wyatt, now belongs to (or will after 11:30 this morning) Tanya & Charles (and Larissa). (Tanya is Benjamin's brother).
So dear Tanya and Charles, although we're not able to be at the court house, by your side to witness this special day. You know that we are there in our hearts and thoughts. We are keeping our fingers crossed, breath held until we get the much awaited phone call! We can't wait to celebrate the great news!! We've waited for this day for so long, we can't even begin to imagine how you've felt!
***The wait IS finally over! Wyatt is now part of the family (legally)!!! ***


Jodelle said...

Our thoughts are with them too. Only a few more minutes. We are so happy for Tanya and Charles and all of you. Can only imagine the relief you all will feel. Congratulations---such a happy day it is!

Gary said...

Charles & Tanya, congratulations on the new (legal) member of your family!

Darcie said...

So happy for everyone! Adoption is such a special thing!