Monday, July 27, 2009

Music City

Once again, poor John had to endure at least 13 hours sitting in the van. And once again, he did EXCELLENT!! This was actually taken on the way home.... a dear friend gave him that guitar.. it was annoying loud, but it kept him entertained. We also spent many hours chasing after his ball.- John Henry-
A not-so-great picture of downtown Nashville The 2nd building on the left is known as the 'Batman' building Driving thru downtown made me ever so thankful that we live in a little country town!!

Not sure what kind of tree this is, but they lined the street we were staying on. We wore a path in the sidewalk going for walks during the day.

Cracker Barrel was next door to our motel.. so they became very acquainted with this charming boy. Who loved this rocking horse. (but Dad and Mom didn't love it enough to buy it and pack it home for him) Don't worry- he survived :D

Plans changed while we were there... and we had to stay longer. (just when Mommy was counting down the days to get back to the other kids....) Thankfully Daddy decided to check out the campground down the road. So for the remainder of the trip we stayed in a log 'cabin/lodge'.... Ahh.. almost Home Sweet Home. We had grass, shade trees, playground, sand, kiddie pool, not to mention our own 'house'. It made those extra days away from home a little more bearable. I'll post our 'camping' pictures next... also pictures of Tubby swimming.

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