Saturday, June 6, 2009

2 buddies and their tag-along

Benji and Jacob are great buddies. They have to be, because the next boy (John) comes 5-girls-in-a-row later. Katie is at the tag-along stage. She'll follow Carolyn and Emily wherever they go. But her top picks are Benji and Jacob!
Lucky for her, they "let" her go fishing with them. Or maybe Daddy and Boppa told the boys that Katie WAS coming with. I'm not sure which way it went! Lucky for me (and her) Benji doesn't mind having a tag-along. Our kids got new fishing poles for G'pa & G'ma.
Here's proof that they work good.
I'm not sure what was taking place in this picture...likely listening to a 'fish story'
"daddy.. YOU hold it.. I don't wanna!"


The Papendorfs said...

so cute katie in the last picture, and good job fishing to all! :)

Melissa said...

Sure looks like a fun time! Sweet pictures!

The Beecham's said...

The one with Jake's hand on Benji's arm is sweet!

Neisha said...

cute pics

Boppa and G'ma S. said...

I do take great pictures, don't I? The pictures with Benjamin in them...he caught a baby starling and was showing it to the kids. It would peck at them, so they were very leery to touch it.