Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mostly for G'pa & G'ma

This post is mostly for the G'pa & G'ma that live 'far, far away'.

Katie is very much your typical girl. Yakkity Yak. From very little on, she had a STRONG love for talking on the phone and could figure out how to turn on/off the cell phone. It takes a good ear, meaning Mom or Dad mostly, to understand what she's saying. But one thing is for certain. She.never.can.stand.still.while.talking.on.the.phone. This time she's talking to Daddy, who was on the road.

*Before I got the camera out she was much more 'dramatic' with her hands and her 'head-tilting'. Once she saw me.....well, you'll get the point!*

Just everyday play..naming out SOME of people that we love and miss.


Darcie said...

Awww...we have grandparents FAR away too...makes it hard, makes you more thankful that we have computers these days.

Do you Skype? We just recently found out about that and it is SO fun for the Grandparents and kids!

Heather S said...

We don't Skype - I heard about it though. My parents live about 3 hours from us (but to the kids its a looong way). My inlaws live within walking distance.

Jen said...

Gpa 'Pinka, huh? Cute!! :)

G'pa/G'ma Pinka said...

So very special, thanks. Miss you guys TONS and TONS.