Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We'd be lost without this...

.... Our swimming pool.
I can barely remember back to the summers when we didn't have one. We even had one when we lived in Iowa (we thought WI had hot, humid summers...that was until we lived in IA for 1 summer - severe T-storms AND tornadoes were a weekly occurance we never got used too).
Usually I fill it up with the hose (cold water straight from the well), then add buckets of hot water, to make it closer to 'warmish'. But the 1st time you use the pool you have absolutely NO time to wait for Mom to bring the hot water out. So heres their 1st swim, in ICE, COLD, FREEZING water on a HOT afternoon!
Ssshhhiivveerrriiinnggg in the SUN, but just for a quick second- before going back to the Artic pool water.
*Carolyn was not impressed to learn that she would have to COVER-UP her 'beautifuller-swim-suits' by wearing a T-shirt. *GASP*

*Obviously these were taken last week, when it wasn't cold and rainy.. like it has been this week.


G'ma Joyce said...

Brings back memories of them swimming like crazy in IA. John has his own personal pool then. He must have been napping this time. Can't get the video to work.

G'ma Joyce said...

Oops, video works now. Cute.

The Beecham's said...

Hot weather... what is that? Oh maybe we will have some again in a day or two?!

Neisha said...

Nolan was like that in the sprinkler last week. One day it wasn't all that warm for being wet but he still had to play in the sprinkler.

Darcie said...

That's all you need to keep your kids happy on a hot summer day...thankgoodness for blow up pools!