Monday, June 22, 2009

weekend overload

Friday night we celebrated our 7th anniversary with family.Saturday Emily turned 5!Daddy teasing John with cake and ice cream!Giving A. Tanya frosting, I mean kisses :)The kids watching 'snake' fireworks Benji and the toad that must have 9 lives - he survived, (barely) 9 kids that night! Fireworks - girls will be girls
Ohh! Ahh! John LOVED the fireworks!
If the shoe fits, just alittle bit...wear it! *Notice how she has the strap between her toes! Our pistol-packing Mama!
My what big ears you have Carolyn!
And no birthday party would be complete with out Woody!
John figured out the 'sit-n-spin'
Happy Father's Day Daddy! We celebrated with his side of the family Sunday afternoon!


Darcie said...

That looked like one fun filled PACKED weekend!

Neisha said...

looks like a fun filled weekend!

Heather said...

Nice pictures...I always love seeing it from a different view =)

Darcie said...

Heather, I was going to remind you that tomorrow is the day for the 52 Week Challenge if you wanted to jump in and join the fun. If you play along you just link up at Forever in Blue Jeans blog and then you can check all the ladies that have posted pictures for the challenge. Mom's have jumped in it's never to late. Just giving you a heads up if you wanted to. :o)