Saturday, March 28, 2009


This is the sweet, lil face that keeps me on my toes every single day!
*The red mark on his eye brow is not a cut. It is RED MARKER!
Just in case you're wondering, we still DO have four kids. (Look, you can see Katie in this picture!) Tubby has taken over the blog lately. We've been busy, so I've not been using my camera as often, but I do have pictures of Tubby's brother and sisters to post when time allows! (I'm waiting for my bread to rise, the washing machine to stop, the floors to dry, the cake to now I should try to get something else accomplished before the troops come home!! Did I mention we had NO kids last night??! That's the reason I've been able to get so much done already! Thank You G'pa, G'ma & Aunt Heather!!)


Heather said...

Love the pictures of Tubby & the sparkle in his eye =) The girls are having fun today!! (Although that's pretty much a given whenever they're together, isn't it?!)

Neisha said...

it's amazing what you can get done with no kids around.
G&G babysat - excuse me, kidsat (Nolan says that he's not a baby so we can't say babysit anymore) last night so Justin and I could go to Madison and get some shopping done.

G'ma Joyce said...

Like the picture of John (one boot on and one boot off). He has quite the expressions.