Friday, March 20, 2009

Today is...

......Great Grandma T's Birthday!
*Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Great G'ma T, Happy Birthday to you!!*
We hope you have a very special day! We will have to stop in and see you.. in "marshmallowfield" (thats what Carolyn calls it) real soon!
~ * Hugs & Kisses * ~
Benji, Carolyn, Katie & John
  • Today also is Alaina & Amanda's Birthday!!

We hope both your birthday's are as fun and special as you both are!!

  • And.. today is also my cousin Jeffrey's bday too! (I'm sorry I forgot to add him earlier..)
***Don't forget... Today is the 1st day of SPRING!!!!!! It's been cooler the past few days, but we're still loving it!


NanaK said...

Happy birthday, Mom, from all of us here!! :) Hope you have a very special day!

Also, happy birthday to you Amanda and Alaina!! Wishing the same to you two!!

Lindsay said...

happy birthday to everyone... :) anyhoo- yeah, meetings have become a real struggle (literally, as in physically). any tips? kinda at my wits' end. i know cole's a toddler and most likely cutting his eye teeth, but still- it's an all-out battle that involves kicking, hitting and ear-splitting screams... can't wait till he outgrows this stage (which by that time, madison will be starting it, hahaha).

Manders said...

Thanks for the b-day wishes!