Monday, March 23, 2009


Benji's sling-shot... all ready to go!

For those of you wondering... NO it doesn't shoot far.. or at least not when he does it. (Usually he just pretends to shoot things through it)

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Neisha said...

ah, is he to that age already?!

ShareandRemember said...

That looks pretty awesome. My son would LOVE that. No place to use it here though. Thanks for the link! ☺

Lindsay said...

oh, fun!! boys will be boys, huh? yeah, the cereal thing- i was told to start cole on it when he was 4 months and he tolerated it, but i kind of felt like it was rushing into it a little- i figure that once madison starts wanting to eat every 10 minutes (or thereabouts, haha) it'll be time for cereal. each kid is unique- she'll let me know when she's ready! :)