Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank You!

  • Awhile back I was curious to see who all read our blog. I was amazed by the number of comments! We just want to say THANK YOU!!! It makes it even more worthwhile to blog, knowing you are here, waiting and watching for us! Whether or not you comment is entirely up to you. (But it does make my day to read your thoughts!...hint, hint!)
  • I know this blog is the only way some people stay connected to us and our family. I will try my best to keep it update as often as I can.
  • The next little while will prove interesting and busy to say the least. Unfortunately for you, my 'spare' time will be limited. I will at least do a (big) weekly update, or more if time allows.
  • Hope everyone has a great weekend! We have another birthday party this weekend! Watch for pictures next week!

1 comment:

ShareandRemember said...

It's fun keeping up with you all! I love keeping in touch/getting to know people better this way. It's great. Sounds like you'll be busy! Enjoy your weekend.